Our Batteries

Listed below are our most popular batteries. As our inventory is always changing, please contact us with your battery needs.

Flooded Lead-Acid

Available in 6V and 12V. These batteries have the lowest upfront cost but require periodic maintenance. These batteries are very forgiving to neglect, making it a great option for first time solar users. These batteries have a typical lifespan of 8-12 years but can last up to 20. If used in a living space, these batteries must be contained within a sealed battery box with a vent to the outside.


Available in 6V and 12V. AGM are a slightly more expensive option, but offer the advantage of zero maintenance and no venting requirements. These batteries can be safely stored and operated within a living space. AGM batteries typically have a lifespan of 10-14 years, but can last to 20.


Available in 24V and 48V. These are the most expensive option, but due have approximately double the lifespan, lithium batteries have the lowest cost over their entire lifespan. Lithium requires zero maintenance, however, they cannot be recharged at temperatures below freezing. These are not ideal for winter cabin use unless they are in a heated space.

GC 2

Battery 1

DEKA L16 Solar

Battery 2


Battery 3

KiloVault 1.2kW

Battery 3

Sun Lithium 5kW

Battery 3

Sun Lithium 10kW

Battery 3

Sun Lithium 15kW

Battery 3